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Aaron Ramsdale promotes local chippy as part of new Arsenal initiative

Aaron Ramsdale promotes local chippy as part of new Arsenal initiative

Arsenal, in a classy gesture, began shining the light on some local businesses run by Gooners through a special programme m called: Supporting the Supporters.

Inspired by the player-business partnerships of yesteryear, the programme pairs a local business with an Arsenal star, and it began with the Tollington pub and Rob Holding.

Each local business gets its own advert featuring an Arsenal star, hence increasing awareness about their venture. The latest one stars Arsenal fan-favourite Aaron Ramsdale.

The goalie features in the advert for ‘The Chip Inn’, which has been a preferred spot amongst Gooners for decades. In the 60 second advert, Ramsdale can be seen entering the establishment and then placing an order at the counter.

Customers inside the Inn collectively hymn “Oooo” right as the order is placed. The camera turns to every patron at the establishment, revealing a surprise cameo by former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman.

The moment concludes when Ramsdale holds aloft his order and the patrons collectively celebrate. Fans believe the moment to be a reference to Ramsdale’s goal kick at the King Power stadium, one which featured similar drawn-out ‘Ooooo’s by Leicester fans.

While the role was far from complex, the 23-year-old certainly pulled it off with ease, perhaps an acting career awaits the Arsenal stopper. Nevertheless, the wonderful advert concludes with a final screen displaying the Inn’s address, a gesture that will definitely help boost its clientele.