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The reason why PETA want Tottenham to modify their club crest

The reason why PETA want Tottenham to modify their club crest

Premier League heavyweights Tottenham Hotspur are synonymous with the cockerel at the centre of their club crest.

The bird is simply iconic at this point and a golden coloured version stands proudly atop the magnificent Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

Now imagine a scenario wherein there are calls for the club to modify the bird, after a centuries’ worth of history with it. Well, that is exactly what animal rights organisation PETA would like them to do.

The news first appeared as part of the Sunday Express, catching the attention of Spurs fans.

Their reasoning centres around the banned bloodsport of cockfighting, and how the club’s logo harkens back to those times.

As per a statement by PETA UK director Elisa Allen, the bird in the club’s logo has a fighting spur on its leg, which acts as a reminder of the violence of cockfighting, as razor-sharp Spurs were tied to a bird’s feet to make the fights bloodier.

The statement further calls on the club to update the logo and reject the spur, as an indicator of ‘society’s rejection of needless violence’.

Naturally, fans were less than receptive to these requests, after all, the iconic bird has never stood as a reminder for cockfighting in the first place, especially in the eyes of fans.

Keeping aside the outrage, there’s a very high possibility that these requests won’t amount to anything, especially considering their farfetched nature.