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Jesse Lingard’s three-year-old daughter clarifies diss on Bruno Fernandes

Jesse Lingard’s three-year-old daughter clarifies diss on Bruno Fernandes

A glimpse into the personal lives of our favourite stars is always appreciated, especially when fans get to meet their children. Recently, fans got a clip of Jesse Lingard‘s daughter Hope.

Wearing her own mini United jersey complete with her father’s number on the back, she adorably cheered for her dad during Manchester United‘s game against Leeds.

Her comments at the end of the clip, however, have led some to believe that she’s not a fan of her father’s teammate Bruno Fernandes. Fortunately, rumours of any beef have been dismissed.

In the clip, after cheering for her dad, Hope asks for the whereabouts of Marcus Rashford and adorably refers to him as ‘Uncle Rashy’.

The broadcast then displays the lineups on the screen, Hope quickly spots Paul Pogba and calls out his name after which appears Bruno Fernandes.

When the Portuguese pops up on the screen, the 3-year-old shakes her finger and says, “We don’t talk about Bruno.”

The statement led to speculation amongst United fans, so much so that Hope herself had to dispel the rumours.

In a separate video, she clarifies and says “I love Bruno Fernandes.” She adds further context to her previous comments and says that she was simply singing ‘Encanto’.

For the unversed, ‘Encanto’ is an animated musical by Disney which features a song called ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’.

And just like that, Hope ended a rumour in the cutest manner possible.