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Photo – Zlatan Ibrahimovic appears to have chopped off his iconic ponytail for a new bald look

Photo – Zlatan Ibrahimovic appears to have chopped off his iconic ponytail for a new bald look

When a footballer sports one particular look for a substantial period of time, it essentially becomes associated with the footballer for ever.

While instances such as Carlos Valderrama’s frizzy blonde hair, David Luiz’s afro, Edgar Davids’ dreadlocks and Stephen El Shaarawy’s spiked mohawk immediately come to mind, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s ponytailed look is undisputedly yet another iconic look in football.

The AC Milan forward’s long locks of hair held back in a ponytail has been a fear-inducing sight for opposition defenders for quite a number of years now, as the seasoned veteran surprised a lot of fans when he showed off his new bald look on Instagram few hours ago.

The 39-year-old appears to have lost all of his hair in what happens to be his newest look, premiered only hours after Milan lost their latest outing against Atalanta in the Italian Serie A.

Despite losing the game 3-0, Milan preserved their lead at the top of the league: as Ibrahimovic might have been looking for a change of fortunes when he decided to ditch the ponytail.

The charismatic Swedish marksman has been at the highest level of the game for nearly a span of two decades now, with notable stints in some of the biggest clubs in European football including the likes of FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, PSG and Manchester United.

Ibrahimovic is still displaying immense longevity at the top, as he finds himself amongst the top goalscorers in the league with a tally of 12 league goals this season.

Ageing like a fine wine, Ibrahimovic would hope that he hits the ground running with his new look just as well as he hit the ground running for all the clubs he played for in his long, distinguished career.