This corner kick routine from Germany looks like it’s straight out of Ted Lasso

Bundesliga 2 outfit Karlsruher SC took a corner kick which would probably fit right in with the tactics employed by Ted Lasso, the lovable protagonist of the Apple TV hit series by the same name.

Forget all dead ball organizations you know or have come across because German second-tier club Karlsruher threw normal out the window while taking a corner against Jahn Regensburg.

In a never-before-seen cornering event on a football pitch, 6 Karlsruher players gathered at the edge of the 18-yard box and bombed towards the danger area being patrolled by Regensburg defenders and goalkeeper as the corner took place.

Fair enough, it was a Karlsruher player who won the ball first. No wonder they are the team with most goals scored by set-pieces in the second tier of Bundesliga.

Quite weird and creative at the same time but you can’t just help but think if the goal was to confuse the opposition by the untraditional angle of approach then it might have been more effective if the players would have charged from the far side of the box rather than the near side.

Nevertheless, just like Ted Lasso (the series), this corner kick routine was a nice breath of fresh air. Check it out below –