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Paul Pogba sends a strong message highlighting racism against Asians

Paul Pogba sends a strong message highlighting racism against Asians

Paul Pogba is an incredible footballer on his day. At his best, the World Cup winner is an absolute Rolls-Royce of a midfielder who can bulldoze his way through defences – or unleash blasts from distance.

Besides being one of the best footballers in the world, Pogba is also someone who has never shied away from sending a message – either with his flashy haircuts or on his social media handles.

The Manchester United midfielder has recently made the news once again for sending a strong message highlighting racism against Asians on his Instagram story (source).

Pogba’s recent story posted yesterday on his Instagram handle sent a strong message highlighting the racism subjected towards the Asian population of the world.

The story was titled by the hashtag #StopAsianHate, accompanied by a sidebar that posed a very important question in the context of the issues with racism that has been troubling the entire world.

The story asked the question – why must we, all unified as a part of the human population on the planet, live in a world where one has to fight to be loved?

The message also added that we must celebrate diversity with compassion, as well as reiterating that racism needs to stop at any cost. Pogba’s message highlights one of the worst social issues there is and is one that truly is relevant in today’s day and age.

Racism subjected to the Asian population has always been overlooked and normalized in today’s society. Racism as a whole, against any race or minority in the world, is a social evil that has been preying on society for as far back as we can remember.

Mankind might be divided by continental boundaries but we all are united in being human – and we must remember that we, as humans, all are equal irrespective of our race or minority.

In the year after the historical protests as a part of the Black Lives Matter movement, it must be kept in mind that we are all equal, and like the sleeves on this season’s Premier League kits read – there is no room for racism in our society whatsoever.