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Watch: Paul Pogba being as effortless in basketball as he is in football

Watch: Paul Pogba being as effortless in basketball as he is in football

Paul Pogba is one of the best dribblers in the game, and his ability to take on a shot from outside the box is mostly unparalleled in the world right now.

In addition to that, the Manchester United midfielder seems to be a decently good player in at least one other sport–Pogba showed off his sublime basketball skills on his season break following the 2020 European Championship.

Pogba impressed for France in EURO 2020 but Les Bleus could not go any further than the Round of 16, falling on penalties to underdogs Switzerland in the tournament’s biggest upset.

As a result, Pogba had to go on vacation a little earlier than he expected–but the former Juventus player seems to be enjoying a different sport in his time on holiday.

Recent footage of Pogba emerged online where he is seen to be playing basketball–and being significantly good at it.

In the video posted by NBA franchise Miami Heat, Pogba is seen to be dribbling past players just as he is known for doing on a football pitch.

Pogba’s effortless ability to get past his man has seemingly transitioned with ease onto the basketball court, while he also displayed his knack of finding the net from distance.

Pogba effortlessly netted the ball and scored a number of ‘three-pointers’ as termed in basketball, just as well as he is reputed for his shots from long distance–most recently seen for France against Switzerland as Pogba scored the third goal for Les Bleus.

Judging from his all-around basketball ability as seen from the clip, one would think that Pogba has everything in his locker to make it in the sport.

The Frenchman is also likely to share that belief, as he could be heard boasting that he is ‘on fire’ while training at one of the most reputed franchises in the National Basketball Association of the United States.