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Video: Antonio Rudiger caught chomping on Paul Pogba a la Suarez

Video: Antonio Rudiger caught chomping on Paul Pogba a la Suarez

Germany lacked incision throughout in their opening match of the 2020 European Championship against France last night, but footage from the game has shown that Antonio Rüdiger didn’t.

The German central defender was caught on camera trying to bite Paul Pogba as France began their EURO 2020 campaign with a 1-0 win over Germany – thanks to a Mats Hummels own goal.

Hummels put the ball into his own net in the first half, and it was at the end of the first half when Rüdiger looked to mark Paul Pogba from a throw in on the right flank.

Pogba had caused Germany all sorts of problems in the first half – the worst of which caused the own goal – and hence particularly needed to be kept an eye on. Rüdiger was on duty doing just that, and more.

Camera footage caught the Chelsea defender trying to unnaturally restrain the Manchester United man from behind, something that Pogba complained to the linesman watching the situation.

But it was not just that, as footage showed that Rüdiger was also seen trying to bite Pogba on the back – an unforeseen act of aggression by the defender that went viral on social media moments after it took place.

Footballing bites with the world watching are not unprecedented, as Luis Suarez would testify after infamously biting Giorgio Chiellini in the 2014 World Cup.

Rüdiger’s impression was much less sinister though – but regardless of the severity, shouts for retrospective action to be taken against Rüdiger engulfed social media after the match until it was Pogba who pacified the situation himself.

Even though the Frenchman admitted that he felt the ‘nibble’, he said that he is friends with Rüdiger and the German does not deserve a suspension for it.

Check out the incident below –