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Football fans slammed for using domestic abuse photos to troll Liverpool

Football fans slammed for using domestic abuse photos to troll Liverpool

Liverpool lost their sixth match on the bounce at Anfield when they succumbed to a 1-0 defeat against Fulham last night. The defending champions of England had never lost five games in a row at home in their much-decorated history, but two defeats in the past week have ensured that they have broken their own record in the worst manner possible.

While rivals continue to take the mickey out of Jurgen Klopp in various banter posts, some actually took it too far with a post portraying domestic abuse as comic relief – and were slammed by a domestic abuse survivor.

The tweet in discussion featured a collage of pictures of domestic abuse victims accompanied by a picture of Klopp, captioned as “beaten at home throughout lockdown.”

Though the intentions of the post might not have been anything more than humorous, one of the featured victims Katie Kelleher voiced her opinion (scroll down to see tweet below) against the post soon after the game on Twitter.

Kelleher retorted to the post by slamming the fans who shared the post, as the former domestic abuse victim asked whether football fans found the occasion of Liverpool’s loss funny enough to share a picture of her.

Kelleher also tagged the official Liverpool account and asked Klopp whether he was happy about his photo being added to the post which apparently a lot of football fans found comical.

Kelleher was distraught about the fact that the post made jokes out of domestic abuse survivors, and brought up their past – a phase of their life that they do not want to usually bring up.

Kelleher found the post “absolutely disgraceful” – and she does have a point as the post is bang out of order from a perspective of a survivor.

Domestic abuse continues to be one of the worst vices in our society – and making such distasteful jokes about it for the purpose of banter and comic relief is not nearly the best way that one can deal with it.