Video: Bobby Reid un-velcroing Edouard Mendy’s gloves to get under Chelsea goalkeeper’s skin

Bobby Reid undoing Edouard Mendy's gloves

In what could be called the dark arts of the highest order, Bobby Reid was spotted undoing Edouard Mendy’s gloves as the Chelsea goalkeeper was preparing to defend a Fulham corner in the second half at Stamford Bridge.

The Fulham midfielder was like a persistent wasp to the Chelsea goalkeeper as he kept meddling with Mendy’s Adidas gloves.

Though, as much as we can appreciate this kind of petty play from Reid, it did nothing in Fulham’s fight for survival in the Premier League as Chelsea won 2-0 with Kai Havertz bagging a brilliant brace with goals on either side of half-time.

Check out the incident below –

Bobby Reid undoing Mendy’s gloves to distract him during a corner (Chelsea vs Fulham) from r/soccer

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