Watch: Nicolas Otamendi in no mood for Neymar shenanigans

Neymar taken off the ground without his permission by Nicolas Otamendi

Nicolas Otamendi wasn’t having any of Neymar’s horseplaying on the night.

The rock-solid Argentina defender was caught on camera yanking the Brazilian superstar off the ground in one of the highlights of Argentina’s Copa America triumph on Sunday.

Argentina won their first major trophy in 28 years after Angel Di Maria locked into a terrific pass from Rodrigo De Paul and chipped home a beauty.

The Albiceleste scored early and needed to defend with their lives to see out a win. Otamendi made sure they did just that as the Benfica man led from the front with uncompromising performance.

Though, he might have gone a bit too far in his vigour when he unleashed an NFL-style tackle on Neymar in the second half. That wasn’t very cool.

But his tactics to stop the PSG defender from influencing the referee in the first half were on point –


By Surjit Patowary

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