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Liverpool’s new third kit gets mixed reviews, but the lifestyle gear is a hit

Liverpool’s new third kit gets mixed reviews, but the lifestyle gear is a hit

Liverpool have recently released their new third kit for the 2021/22 season, and it would be fair to say that it has not been the most popular kit amongst club supporters so far.

While most fans were not pleased with the kit that has interpolated yellow and red along with chequered patterns, some even went to the extent of comparing the third kit to the attire of a McDonald’s employee.

Even though manufacturers Nike seem to have missed with the third kit, there are still positives that fans took out of the release – as Liverpool’s new lifestyle gear accompanying the kit has proven to be quite the hit.

While the Merseyside outfit’s new third choice kit has tanked horribly amongst supporters after it was premiered for the first time on social media platforms, the lifestyle gear accompanying the kits has attracted much more positive attention from the fans.

Don’t worry about the third kit Liverpool fans, just get yourself an Italia Euro ’96 style jacket

While the kit features the return of yellow to Liverpool kits for the first time since the glorious 1980s that saw the club win a plethora of Premier League titles, the manner in which red has been interpolated in the kit has seen it draw a lot of criticism – the kit is accentuated with chequered patterns on both the collars as well as the sleeves, while the manufacturers’, sponsors’ and club logos are set in red.

On the other hand, the lifestyle gear premiered alongside the kits includes some of the best jackets that we have ever seen. The anthem jackets released along with the third kits feature red and yellow elements on a white background and look like some of the neatest gear released by any club in recent years.

According to admirers of the jacket on Twitter, it is the closest thing that they have seen to Italy’s iconic jackets from the 1996 European Championship collection – a piece of revolutionary lifestyle gear at the time, and one that has survived the test of time as well.

When compared to each other, the two jackets seem to be uncannily similar except for the difference in colours – where the Azzurri features blue, Liverpool deploys red. The Italian flag on the left sleeve is substituted by red and yellow stripes on the same sleeve, spurring on the conspiracy theories about Nike’s tribute to the iconic Azzurri jacket.

Whatever may be the inspiration behind it, it is quite evident that the much-adored anthem jacket has been Nike’s one and only saving grace in the midst of a fashion disaster that has seen fans heavily slam their new third kit.