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Former Bayern Munich player Ze Roberto shows incredible physique at 47 years of age

Former Bayern Munich player Ze Roberto shows incredible physique at 47 years of age

Bayern Munich have a recent history of producing many footballers that made headlines for their impressive physiques.

While it was Robert Lewandowski who emerged in outrageous shape in 2019, Leon Goretzka followed suit in 2020 as he came out of the COVID-imposed lockdown having undergone a dramatic body transformation.

While players like the Barcelona loanee Philippe Coutinho and Alphonso Davies followed, the latest name in that list is actually a former footballer instead of a current player – as it is Ze Roberto who has now shown up with a shredded physique.

Ze Roberto who is revered as a club legend in the ranks played for the Bavarian outfit from 2002 to 2006 and came back for a second spell on loan from 2007 to 2009. The Brazilian who played mostly as a left-back or a defensive midfielder made 169 league appearances for the Bundesliga outfit, is often acknowledged as one of the club’s greatest ever overseas players.

If joining the prestigious list of the legends of a club as rich in its history as Bayern Munich was not good enough, Ze Roberto has now joined the list of some of Bayern’s most ripped players ever – all at 47 years of age.

Ze Roberto, who retired from football in 2017 after playing until the ripe age of 43, took to social media to show off his muscular body.

While Bayern Munich fans were happy to see their former player on his Instagram account, they could not help but not notice the insane shape that the Brazilian has been in – even at an age where many former footballers struggle to keep their shape.

Ze Roberto looked like he has been putting hours in the gym that would put many of the current Bayern Munich players to shame, as the picture of his outstanding physique went viral in no time amongst the online footballing community.

Ze Roberto’s shredded body is an enviable work of art, and inspirational for so many footballers trying to be the best physical version of themselves. Even at 47, Ze Roberto serves as the inspiration for footballers and other sportsmen alike – and provides proof that one can still continue to be in incredible shape even years after retiring from the game.