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Odd Sightings: Rapper shoots music video outside Anfield as giant puppet kickabouts at Old Trafford

Odd Sightings: Rapper shoots music video outside Anfield as giant puppet kickabouts at Old Trafford

The iconic venues of Anfield and Old Trafford have been at the heart of conversation of late over the peculiar sightings made around both the stadiums. 


Home to intense footballing action, the atmosphere around Liverpool’s stadium was utilized by London-based rap artist K Koke to shoot a music video. The footage revealed the rapper surrounded by an entourage of 10 more men, in action in front of a camera presumably chanting the lyrics to his new song which went “We’re not taking no offers, we don’t talk to no cops.” 

Fans, however, didn’t take kindly to K Koke’s gall as the artist was subject to ridicule on social media. Many seemed to agree that it was “the worst thing ever seen at Anfield”.

The video of the 36-year-old rapper walking around the stadium prior to Liverpool’s clash against Atletico Madrid, went viral instantaneously, gathering a whopping 500,000 views within 15 hours of its initial appearance.

Hence succeeding in bringing the spotlight on K Koke, which one can presume, was his goal in the first place.

Old Trafford

The mood outside the fabled Old Trafford was one of festivities and celebration, as the famously gigantic “Little Amal” doll made its debut appearance at Manchester. 

Little Amal is a puppet of a young Syrian refugee which stands at an astounding height of 11 ft. It derives its name from an Arabic word that translates to “Hope”, and symbolizes the plight of millions of Syrians who’ve endured severe hardships in their war-torn country. Thus far, it has traversed over 8000 km across several countries of Europe spreading the message of love and peace. 

In England, Little Amal journeyed through London, Wigan and Rochdale spreading smiles along the way before finally arriving in Manchester, where its arrival was a joyous one.

Several hundred congregated at the venue to applaud the little girl’s homecoming. The puppet was seen frolicking around with fans, and even kicking a football around with Red Devils’ midfielder Juan Mata at the Old Trafford stadium (MEN).