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Bernardo Silva sticking out his tongue at abusive Man Utd fans confirmed he owns Old Trafford

Bernardo Silva sticking out his tongue at abusive Man Utd fans confirmed he owns Old Trafford

Manchester City waltzed to a rather straightforward victory against hosts Manchester United at the Old Trafford.

Frustrations are seemingly ever-growing for the Red Devils’ fans, as their team fell apart yet again, having already gotten dismantled 5-0 by Liverpool in their previous home encounter. 

In a recent video that has been making rounds on social media, the agitation of United supporters came to the forefront as they are seen pelting abuses at the City squad, who were headed home having humbled their city-rivals.

Man City fans however are in awe of winger Bernardo Silva who came up with his own reply to the salty Old Trafford crowd. Undeterred by the expletives being hurled at him, the Portuguese responded with a sassy “tongue-out” expression, aggravating the mob even further.

Silva had an invigorating derby clash on Saturday. The winger constantly exploited a switched off Man United backline, seizing every opportunity to surge forward.

His efforts got him the due rewards, as a Joao Cancelo cross met the Portuguese international in the box and resulted in the back of the net, thanks to a fumble by David de Gea. Pep Guardiola’s men were thus put 2-0 ahead as the clock ticked half-time, which was to be the final scoreline of the game.

Having run the show on the field, the 27-year-old ruined his rivals off the pitch as well. His cheeky reply capped a perfect evening off for the Blue fandom, rubbing salt in the wounds of the enemy. 

As things stand, things are only going uphill for Guardiola’s side who are a mere 2 points away from making it to the top of the table, after rival outfits Chelsea and Liverpool dropped points in their respective encounters. 

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