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Ederson beware as 19 Y/O Gavin Bazunu pulls off mind-boggling save against Luxembourg

Ederson beware as 19 Y/O Gavin Bazunu pulls off mind-boggling save against Luxembourg

Gavin Bazunu is turning into quite a brick wall in front of the goal for the Irish National Team. The 19-year-old keeper who is on loan to Portsmouth from Manchester City has produced a string of quality performances that have nearly cemented his position in his team.

His performance against Luxembourg was no different, as his superhuman save to deny the opponents has left fans drooling over his talents.

20 minutes into his 7th appearance for Ireland, Luxembourg’s Olivier Thill unleashed a ferocious strike towards goal from outside the box. The ball took a slight deflection from Irish midfielder Josh Cullen and was almost certainly on its way to disturb the netting. However, it wasn’t to be on Bazunu’s watch who leapt instantaneously and managed to glove the ball away with his arms at full stretch.

The save was nothing short of miraculous, given that the keeper’s view was blocked by the backline.

The former Shamrock Rovers teenager diving mid-air to parry the ball away made quite the image for the cameras, as he was captured in action from several angles. The Irish supporters were all smiles as their side blew Luxembourg away as the final scoreline read 3-0.

Bazunu has been very consistent with his recent performances. His agility was put to test against Portugal as well, but he was able to pull out the aces, thwarting the efforts on goal by Cristiano Ronaldo to keep the game level at 0-0! His efforts against Serbia back in September were just as stellar and won him the man-of-the-match award.

With his loan spell ending in May 2022, he may become a solid contender for Pep Guardiola’s starting XI in competition with their present goalie Ederson.