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The moment of genius from Mateo Kovacic that left Fabinho humiliated

The moment of genius from Mateo Kovacic that left Fabinho humiliated

Premier League fans were treated to a high octane encounter between Chelsea and Liverpool last night.

Despite all the clamour, Romelu Lukaku’s explosive interview brought about, a rather rare sight took centre stage at Stamford Bridge.

Players and fans under the Blue banner rallied around their manager, keeping aside the perils of late and showcasing unity, at least for the time being.

The sheer intensity of the Chelsea press exemplifies the aforementioned unity, it simply was a determination to give it all for their side, and give it all they did.

Amongst the standouts for Chelsea was midfielder Mateo Kovacic.

The Croatian recently recovered from an injury and also subsequently suffered from COVID-19.

His first start in months against Brighton was evidently not his best, he looked largely off the pace and understandably so.

Nonetheless, the former Real Madrid man made sure to be at his best in a period of utmost need.

The Croat who was paired alongside N’Golo Kante against Liverpool delivered an exemplary performance and dominated the midfield.

Littered throughout the 90 minutes are highlights of his incredible performance, with his sensational volley, which instigated the Chelsea comeback, being at the forefront.

Aside from his goal, this brilliant piece of skill which typifies the classy Croat gained popularity online.

Beginning with a sublime first touch, the Croatian picked the ball out of the air without breaking a sweat.

Kovacic then spreads out the play passing the ball along to Marcos Alonso, before receiving it back from the Spaniard.

The 27-year-old then sets up a body feint with his first touch and proceeds to execute a left turn, causing a trailing Fabinho to tumble over.

The Liverpool midfielder is normally defensively astute but such was Kovacic’s ability on the day that even the Brazilian was made to look rather silly.