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Incredible moment disabled fan tries to mow down Swindon players with his wheelchair

Incredible moment disabled fan tries to mow down Swindon players with his wheelchair

The passion of football fans is unquestionable, no matter the side, no matter the stature, supporters will show up in droves to get behind their beloved club.

The badge becomes a thing of pride, and any trespassers are sure to face a ticking off.

And evidently, this sentiment bypasses physical disabilities too.

This startling clip showcases the sheer passion and fervour of spectators, and hilariously so.

Coming to us via a League 2 fixture featuring two teams vying for promotion, namely Northampton and Swindon Town.

A crucial tie at its core, the game took place at County Ground, Swindon’s home stadium, and as this clip will show you the away support was nothing less than spirited.

Despite being 2-1 down in the second half, the home side orchestrated a brilliant comeback, and the final score of 5-2 makes this game look like a cakewalk.

Swindon striker Harry McKirdy was in top form, finding the back of the net on 4 occasions, and the celebration for his 4th goal gives us this incredible clip.

In the clip, McKirdy stumbles upon the section for disabled spectators at County Ground, and raises his arms nonchalantly, perhaps indicating how easy it all was.

A wheelchair-bound away fan, who had already endured a frustrating evening simply could not hold his annoyance any longer.

Triggered by McKirdy’s celebration, the spectator decides to give the striker a piece of his mind.

He angrily angles his wheelchair in McKirdy’s direction and whirrs towards him furiously, almost knocking over an advertisement hoarding in the process.

His attempts at running his desired target over were sadly unsuccessful, with the hoarding proving to be a stern obstacle.

Nonetheless, fans were able to get an incredible clip and a display of what can happen if you tick off a football fan.