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Explaining why Chelsea had to delete ‘the gas is on’ tweet during Tottenham win

Explaining why Chelsea had to delete ‘the gas is on’ tweet during Tottenham win

In the social media era, it’s common for fans to stay connected to their favourite clubs via these platforms.

The clubs who are always looking for additional engagement from supporters do their best in pushing out as much content as possible.

Among others, one way through which clubs on Twitter engage with fans is tweeting out regular updates of ongoing matches.

These updates are usually by the numbers, but sometimes some ill-worded sentence can cause offence.

The latest instance came via Chelsea’s Twitter account, in particular, a tweet during their game Tottenham Hotspur.

A routine tweet at the 60th-minute mark of the game backfired big time, as it was deemed to be in bad taste.

The tweet read – ‘The gas is on, bringing the heat’.

It received backlash almost immediately and was very quickly deleted by Chelsea’s social media team.

The reason for the disapproval relates to Spurs’ links to the Jewish community.

The tweet could easily be correlated with the horrific event, as Jews were first subjected to poisonous gas and then were cremated in ovens at concentration camps. 

The London club has a historical association with the community and housed a large fanbase from the democratic back in the 1920s.

Due to the links, Tottenham fans have often been subjected to disrespectful and anti-Semitic chants by rival supporters which includes Chelsea fans.

One appalling chant even makes reference to the Holocaust, the horrific genocidal event during the 2nd World War.

Keeping that in mind, the displeasure expressed by users online in response to the tweet is more than justified.

It’s safe to assume that there was no harmful intent behind the tweet, and while they definitely should’ve known better in the first place, its prompt deletion avoided an even bigger reaction.