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Watch: Thomas Partey leaves Ghanaian Spurs fan hanging

Watch: Thomas Partey leaves Ghanaian Spurs fan hanging

Footage featuring Thomas Partey has gone viral on social media platforms – a clip where he is greeting a number of supporters during his holidays in Ghana.

While Partey is humble enough to attend to most of the fans with a simple fist bump, there happened to be one particular fan that he intentionally left hanging.

Even though Partey’s snub does look disrespectful at face value, it needs to be noted that the particular fan was wearing a Tottenham Hotspur jersey – representing the Gunners’ eternal rivals from across the city.

The two clubs meet each other at least twice in the domestic league season every year, in what is known as the prestigious and hard-fought North London Derby.

Both sets of fans despise each other, and it shows on the pitch every single time that they play – how much either side wants to secure a win over the other.

A win means more than just three points, there is a lot of bragging rights at stake every time these two teams meet – and hence even the players are aware of what it means to the fans.

Partey certainly displayed his knowledge of the rivalry in the aforementioned clip that went viral, in a gesture that has been largely appreciated by the Gunners’ faithful across the world.