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Thomas Partey has a lookalike who measures up in everything but height

Thomas Partey has a lookalike who measures up in everything but height

Football fans often rue the prospect of an upcoming international break, basically due to how mundane they can be. 

International friendlies and qualifiers admittedly don’t often produce the spectacular as seen during league football, much to the chagrin of fans. 

However, when a freak moment such as this occurs, you can’t help but notice. 

The moment in question, captured in this video going viral online, centres around Arsenal Midfielder Thomas Partey

The 28-year-old, currently on international duty with Ghana, ran into a fan who appeared to share an uncanny resemblance with him. 

Sporting an Arsenal top and grinning besides the Arsenal man, the fan is evidently Partey’s doppelganger. The only apparent difference seems to be the height, and as for the rest, the similarities are really staggering. 

Partey’s teammates simply couldn’t contain themselves at the sight and hysterical laughing can be heard in the background.

Shared by his Ghanaian compatriot Kofi Kyereh, the video was titled ‘Thomas Partey vs Thomas After Partey’ coupled with laughing emojis. 

The hysterics didn’t end there and carried on forward to users online. 

Judging by the video, the spirits are clearly high in the Ghana camp, and they’re all set to continue their quest for World Cup qualification against Nigeria. 

Much like Partey’s teammates, fans online were in splits upon watching the video, and soon enough, the image became a meme template.