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Leeds fans disagree with plans to honour Bielsa with bucket

Leeds fans disagree with plans to honour Bielsa with bucket

Leeds United‘s modern-day history is forever interlinked with one individual, namely Marcelo Bielsa

‘El Loco’ arrived at a torn club, deprived of hope and led them back to the top division after 16 years in limbo. The Argentine is credited with restoring hope to an entire city, and is, in every definition of the word, a Leeds Legend. 

Despite his tragic termination following a string of bad results, the man is universally loved amongst the Leeds faithful. 

Wary of the sentiment, the club announced a ‘permanent tribute’ for Bielsa, and yesterday, images of a rumoured tribute began doing the rounds online. 

Bielsa, despite his reserved personality, was a unique figure, to say the least. Perhaps the most eye-catching bizarre aspect of his persona was the lone bucket he sat on at the touchline.

The Argentine could always be spotted during games sitting on the now iconic bucket, observing the match, scribbling down notes and barking the occasional instruction at his men. 

Eventually, Bielsa’s name became synonymous with the bucket, and going by these images, Leeds United think so too. 

In the image, a marble recreation of the bucket can be seen, emblazoned with the club’s crest and a popular Bielsa quote – “A man with new ideas is a madman, until his ideas triumph.” 

As for the reaction, Peacocks’ supporters looked to be largely mixed on the tribute. 

Some appreciated the low-key nature of it, as it compliments Bielsa’s humility well. 

While others felt that a mere bucket isn’t enough of a homage to his incredible achievements, and suggested naming a stand after him or even renaming the training ground.