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Nana Aba Adresses Controversy Surrounding Thomas Partey: ‘Another Stupid Question’

Nana Aba Adresses Controversy Surrounding Thomas Partey: ‘Another Stupid Question’

Nana Aba Shares Her Experience with Thomas Partey Amid Rape Accusations

Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey has enjoyed a solid campaign this season, one which could see him end up as a Premier League champion.

Unfortunately, almost all of the Ghana International’s good work has been marred by public controversies, and calls for him to be banned from the Arsenal squad continue to be frequent. 

These demands rang out once again, following a rather ill-advised and unnecessary comment from the 29-year-old.

For the uninitiated, the ‘public controversies’ we alluded to earlier have all to do with the rape allegations placed against the midfielder.

Initially, claims of sexual assaults came courtesy of his ex-girlfriend Sara Bella, following which he was supposedly arrested by the police. 

The allegations against the Arsenal midfielder were bolstered after a second woman claimed to have been sexually harassed by him. 

She was identified as Chaurntae, another one of Partey’s ex-girlfriends. 

Through a series of tweets, she made the matter public and went on to state that she was ‘raped’ while being on holiday with the 29-year-old.

With no further updates on his ongoing case, the noise around Partey’s controversy had lessened over the past few weeks. That is until the midfielder decided to front a snarky comment toward league rivals Manchester United

It all emerged through this clip, which displays the midfielder enjoying dessert at a restaurant while being accompanied by friend and social media personality Nana Aba

Aba, who was handling the camera, pans towards Partey before saying ‘Say hello to your fans’.
The 29-year-old obliges and the pair joke about it for a bit.

Eventually, Partey picks up a scoop of his dessert and offers up an invitation, he says ‘Join us, in celebration of (Manchester) United’s loss.’ The 29-year-old’s comment was clearly referencing the Red Devil’s recent league defeat to Newcastle. 

The remark was originally directed towards Aba, who is a United fan, but other Reds online took it to heart. And soon enough, his innocent comment backfired horrendously. 

In reaction to his comments, fans of various clubs gathered online and proceeded to hammer Partey about the allegations placed against him.

They also referenced the member of Arsenal’s staff that was sent along with Partey on his International duties for Ghana.

As per reports, the staff in question was part of Arsenal’s medical team, and the decision to send him along had all to do with protecting the midfielder from contracting an injury.

But fans never bothered with this fact, as they twisted the narrative and made it seem as if the staff member’s primary objective was to keep an eye on the midfielder. 

Following Partey’s jab at United, this theory made a return, alongside various other references to his ongoing rape case. 

Even Nana Aba was roped into the mix, but she made sure to provide a swift response as she opened up on Thomas Partey’s character.