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Tom Brady causes confusion with his message for Harry Kane on Instagram

Tom Brady causes confusion with his message for Harry Kane on Instagram

The entire sporting world came together yesterday to celebrate the legendary career of NFL great Tom Brady.

The 44-year-old confirmed his retirement from the sport, he released a statement ending several days of speculation.

The announcement attracted the attention of top athletes from across the globe.

Giving fans a chance to witness a crossover between the worlds of football and.. soccer?

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane took to Twitter and Instagram to post a farewell message for the American.

The Spurs star wrote, “Congratulations on an incredible career. Your drive, passion and commitment is inspiring. You’re the main reason I started following the sport and love the NFL. Thank you!”

Kane is a self-confessed Brady fanboy and the quarterback is in fact the reason for the striker’s New England Patriots Fandom.

In response to the message, Brady said, “Thanks (Kane), one of the many amazing young stars in the world”.

The response, while wonderful, did conjure up some confusion amongst fans, as Brady called Kane ‘young’.

The Englishman certainly isn’t young and will turn 29 this year, however, the number 29 pales in comparison to 44.

Kane wasn’t the only footballer who congratulated Brady on his illustrious career.

None other than football Legend Pele joined in and shared a post on Instagram congratulating the American.

Going by the message, it seems like the pair are friends.

The post itself gave fans a crossover involving two certified ‘GOATS’.