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Cristiano Ronaldo shows Tom Brady what an actual sports GOAT looks like

Cristiano Ronaldo shows Tom Brady what an actual sports GOAT looks like

An exhilarating Sunday was on the cards at the Theatre of Dreams as Manchester United beat Tottenham 3-2, courtesy of a hat-trick by the talismanic Cristiano Ronaldo.

Football fans, however, were able to witness two legends in their own domain at Old Trafford, sparking a debate. NFL Quarterback Hall of Famer and considered to be the greatest to have played American football, Tom Brady was in the stands to witness the spectacle.

On a normal day, this would have gained enough media traction to be put up in the headlines. But yesterday, it was the Ronaldo show.

Single-handedly pulling up a victory against a resurgent Spurs side, Ronaldo smashed his way into the record books, again. Becoming the highest goal scorer in the history of the game of all time according to FIFA, Ronaldo has managed to put an end to all debates as to what a sporting GOAT should be.

Being a sport followed by more than 4 billion people, football has been a people’s sport. With the global outreach and the spirit of fraternity it signifies, football has managed to gain a fan following even in the remotest territories of the world.

Coming to Ronaldo, who has been the poster boy of football since his arrival at Manchester United back in 2003, he has managed to achieve every award possible for a footballer in his career. Even at the age where his compatriots have hung their boots, Ronaldo manages to be at the top of his game.

A great athlete not only has the mentality of winning or the awards to go with it. One can only be called great if he or she has managed to inspire countless people to come forward and follow their passion for the game.

While Brady and Ronaldo have achieved all the success there is to achieve, it has always been seen that America-based media outlets often overlook the stature and impact of footballers while presenting lists for the most influential athletes.

However, it must be brought to light that American football is an “American” sport, with far less coverage and a smaller community. When it comes to global and pan-continental success, superstars like Ronaldo and Messi have transcended borders and language, to inspire and entertain millions of fans and spectators alike.

Even if the numbers are drawn on the basis of social media, endorsement and brand deals, Ronaldo is on a whole different level. Such global stardom and the stats to show for it is very rare even for the top 1% of all the sporting greats.

Both Ronaldo and Brady have been exemplary athletes. By taking care of their nutrition and exercise as they reach an age beyond which normal sportspeople consider retiring, they have shown and proved that age is just a number.

American football, just like football, is a physically demanding sport and the position of a quarterback is considered to be the most physically taxing as it involves short bursts of sprints. Being 44 and winning the league for the 7th time is no joke, and Tom Brady deserves all the credits.

But Ronaldo has managed to defy all naysayers and critics by proving himself every time he went in a different league, adapted his playstyle and still managed to top score in the leaderboard. His winning mentality has remained the same all throughout his career, which has been an inspiration for the emerging superstars of football.

Cristiano Ronaldo has not only been a phenomenon. He is a specimen for generations to come, about how a lean boy from Madeira won the world with his hard work and grit. He is built differently and on Sunday, he proved, once again, just that.

The world has many athletes who have become superstars and legends in their own rights, but right now, this world belongs to CR7 and all we can do is admire his greatness.