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GOAT Central: David Beckham features in an iconic sports photo at Miami GP

GOAT Central: David Beckham features in an iconic sports photo at Miami GP

Max Verstappen made headlines after emerging victorious at the inaugural Miami Grand Prix on Sunday, but the grand event turned out to be a summit of sports stars across the spectrum. 

NBA legend, Michael Jordan, the NFL’s greatest quarterback, Tom Brady, Formula one’s very own, Lewis Hamilton, and the footballing heartthrob, David Beckham, were all seen in the pits spending time with drivers and technicians.

It was a delight for any sports lover to see all their icons on the same track. But what added spice to the mix was when all four of them came together, acknowledging each other’s presence and giving us an ‘All-star’ picture for the ages.   

The picture which almost broke the internet had Formula one titles, seven super bowls, six NBA titles, and 10 league trophies. It was sporting royalty staring back at us with their million-dollar smiles. A quadruple of GOATs (Greatest of all time) is what the sporting fans across the world have been saying after Mercedes’ F1 team’s Twitter handle sent out that picture. 

The former Inter Miami star, Beckham, was also seen helping Charles Leclerc warm up with a sweet footballing session and also took time to enjoy pleasantries and click a picture with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen before the race. 

Beckham also made time to speak on Manchester United’s current situation and stressed that despite everything going downhill for his former club at the moment, the fans will always turn up for the team because it is what the United fans always do. 

The former number seven for the Red Devils also sang praise for their current number seven, Cristiano Ronaldo. “Obviously, Cristiano is one of the best players over the last 15 years, with Leo [Messi]. To see him stay on, hopefully at United, is important for the fans. To be doing what he’s doing at his age is really incredible, so hopefully, it continues for another year or two.”

We have always associated the allure of glamour with Beckham and to see him turn up at the Miami Grand Prix with his suave look once again was a feast on the eyes for many. But this was an unplanned get-together for some of the biggest sporting stars in the world, and if we need to get them under one roof again, we need some more diverse events or some intensifying F1 races in the future.