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Classy Paul Pogba story which went unnoticed for a long time 

Classy Paul Pogba story which went unnoticed for a long time 

The amount of media attention footballers are surrounded by is no less than that of an S tier celebrity.

This is a double-edged sword of course, as it can propel a player’s brand to unprecedented heights and simultaneously put stains on their reputation for literally any unconventional action.

A prime example of this is Manchester United’s Paul Pogba.

Ever since his record-breaking move to United, the media have been on his case, something which hasn’t been helped by the midfielder’s roller-coaster period at Old Trafford so far.

Nonetheless, the press has often dropped to ridiculous lows to paint the midfielder in a bad light.

Pogba lives a flashy lifestyle, far from conventional but not wrong either, which the media can’t stand at times and doubts over his professionalism are shed frequently.

A glance past these screens reveals Pogba in a different light, an example of which was shared in this video.

The clip comes via the YouTube channel ‘Fozcast’, a podcast by none other than the cycling GK himself Ben Foster.

His featured guest on this edition was SM Creps.

For the unversed, Sam Morgan (SM Creps) is football’s very own fashion ‘plug’. He can boast of having supplied the likes of Paul Pogba, Benjamin Mendy, Declan Rice etc with rare fashion apparel.

In fact, Pogba is the person who calls Sam ‘the plug’.

Speaking about the Frenchman, Sam said, “he has been one of the best if not the best footballer to me”.

He shared a story backing up his claim, one in which Pogba called up Sam with the sole intention of meeting his brother in the hospital.

“He just said to me ‘I’m in London, where’s your brother, I’m coming. You came with your brother to visit me in France, it’s now my turn.’ I didn’t even say anything, he didn’t want to do it for any other reason than just being a good person.”

There were no PR motives behind his gesture either considering the media barely talked about it and the incident was shared more than 2 months ago.

Predictably, news outlets largely ignored the story and it almost faded into obscurity.
Thankfully social media made sure the clip was kept in rotation and people were made aware of Pogba’s positive character.