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Boink-ers: Barcelona fan gets his pet pig signed by Riqui Puig

Boink-ers: Barcelona fan gets his pet pig signed by Riqui Puig

With the passionate following that football has, it’s no wonder how quickly players of a popular club can become superstars.

And as such, a novelty item related to them or even their signature begins to hold a certain value, if not monetary then sentimental in the hearts of fans.

One’s road to stardom is certainly helped when they represent Spanish heavyweights FC Barcelona and that has been the case for the latest crop of talent emerging out of the famed La Masia.

Amongst those is Riqui Puig, and the midfielder recently received perhaps the strangest autograph request he ever will.

In a clip doing the rounds on Social media, the midfielder was seen in his car, surrounded by Culers eager for a glimpse and his signature.

The crowd included a person who had brought along his pet pig for the occasion.

And instead of a Jersey or paper, the fan-requested Puig to sign on the pig.

Decked out in its own personal La Roja themed onesie, the pig was presented in front of the Barca man, who then quickly autographed its jacket.

The pig did its best to keep cool, although a few squeals can certainly be heard.

The clip might just be the most strangely adorable thing you see all day.

We certainly hope that the pig is a culer by its own choice, or has at least embraced its owner’s Blaugrana fandom.

And of course, fans online pointed out the irony of the clip, as Riqui ‘Puig’ sounds almost identical to the word ‘pig’.