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Fans spot shoddy lettering job on PSG kits before Real Madrid tie

Fans spot shoddy lettering job on PSG kits before Real Madrid tie

The importance accorded to a team’ set of kits for a season has only increased over the years, with it being a vital source of income for a lot of clubs. Since their Qatari takeover, PSG have stepped up their game in producing some high-quality jerseys and boast a neat collection now.

Since extending their deal with Nike and its sub-brand Jordan in 2018, the Parisians have produced various editions of their season’s kits that go even beyond the standard number of 3 kits per season. Limited editions kits, special occasion kits have all been made and there’s never been a shortage of creativity judging from the results.

However, it seems the club are now facing a slightly more technical issue with the quality of their kits.

Ahead of their blockbuster tie against Real Madrid in the Champion’s League, the club’s home shirt has come under criticism from their fans for its poor printing job.

In the last few months, PSG has simply stopped using their home kit, even at the Parc des Princes.

In their last 8 games before the return of UCL, they have used the home kit only once, perhaps due to a supply shortage from Nike but could also be a marketing move as well.

This has incensed PSG ultras who have accused the club of insulting the fans by not recognizing the club’s roots which the home kit traditionally represents.

In the images released by the club ahead of kick-off, Messi’s shirt appears to be extremely wrinkled and the printed number and name on the back looks to be of very low quality.

The rest of the kit looks to be in good shape as the Champion’s League badge and the UEFA patch both appear to be intact and in good condition.

The shortage of supply of the home kit seems to have impacted this sudden dip in quality and if these versions are going to be worn in response to the fans protest, this is only going to worsen the clubs already testing relationship with the fans.