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Pepsi and Lay’s get creative with Leo Messi for new Champions League ads

Pepsi and Lay’s get creative with Leo Messi for new Champions League ads

Leo Messi has been the face for Champions League promos and ads for a long time now.

While also receiving endorsements from co-sponsors of the competition such as Pepsi and Lay’s, Messi has been the go-to man ahead of any other footballer.

The Argentine has teamed up with players such as Mo Salah and Paul Pogba in the past for these ads which usually air during halftime breaks of Champions League games.

The short clips usually include a promotion for the key sponsor’s product whether it be Lay’s or Pepsi.

Another key feature of these ads is the infamous UCL anthem being played in the background or at the end of the clip. 

Ahead of the Round of 16 fixtures kicking off, both Pepsi and Lay’s teamed up with Messi to release a couple of new ads. This time the two marketing giants have changed gears and have upped the creativity with the clips.

The Pepsi ad looks to have been curated specifically for Messi and PSG’s knockout tie against Real Madrid, having been released on the eve of the blockbuster tie.

Messi is also spotted promoting both a can of Pepsi and the game against Madrid, the details of which are inscribed on the can.

The Lay’s ad takes a different approach as it looks to promote the competition’s return in general instead.

Once again Messi is the main focus seen opening and closing a pack of Lay’s, timing it with the Champion’s League anthem.

Both these ads come as a refreshing change to the previous versions which have been used a lot during UCL games in the past and look to have the fans excited for the Round of 16 games.