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Football and pop culture blend in new Pepsi ad feat. Messi, Pogba and Sancho

Football and pop culture blend in new Pepsi ad feat. Messi, Pogba and Sancho

Soft drink manufacturing heavyweights Pepsi has been synonymous with advertisements that have featured some of the most popular global football superstars over the years.

Be it some of the most iconic advertisements for World Cup football or the UEFA Champions League promotional advertisements, Pepsi has been a constant in blending in the beautiful sport of football with pop culture – as it has done once again in its most recent advertisement featuring some of the biggest names in world football at the moment.

The Pepsi ad in discussion is the soft drink company’s latest advertisement for the commencement of the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League, featuring their new slogan – “for the love for it.”

The ad features some global superstars such as FC Barcelona’s Leo Messi, Man Utd’s Paul Pogba, Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho and Wolfsburg womens’ footballer Shanice van der Sanden – fusing them with some of the biggest names in the music scene right now in Becky G, Burna Boy and Grammy award-winning producer DI Genius.

Lionel Messi in Pepsi’ new ad

The ad features a young woman opening a can of Pepsi while working on her laptop, which immediately sets all the portraits on her room in motion – Messi, Pogba, Sancho and van der Sanden all juggling a football while moving from one poster to the other.

The advertisement ends with the woman shutting down the laptop only to find that her can of Pepsi was missing – it was Messi who was drinking the soft drink, running from the others who were trying to get a sip too.

The creatively designed advertisement is a perfect blend of the current pop culture with some of the biggest names in the game right now, something that Pepsi has developed a reputation for doing, and succeeding at, over the years.

Check out the ad below –