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Fans Gets Nostalgic as Mohamed Salah and Ex-Liverpool Teammate Reunite in New Pepsi Ad

Fans Gets Nostalgic as Mohamed Salah and Ex-Liverpool Teammate Reunite in New Pepsi Ad

Liverpool star Mohamed Salah recently reunited with a former teammate in an advertisement for Pepsi, which triggered a lot of sentimental fan reactions all over social media.

Salah has been in commercials before due to his partnership deal with the soft drink company, but Pepsi decided to surprise supporters by bringing in a special guest for this particular ad.

Pepsi’s latest campaign, titled “The Street Is Full of Surprises,” showcased Salah and ex-Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren, traveling around the city of Alexandria, located in Salah’s homeland Egypt, where the pair sampled different food delicacies.

With more than 30 thousand views on YouTube within a few hours, the commercial seems to be a success with it going viral among the football community.

The players wandered the streets of Egypt coordinating with each other to not get spotted by any fans while they satisfied their food cravings in the advert, reminding the fans of the strong chemistry and close bond that they still share.

The 34 year old played alongside Salah at Liverpool for 3 years, celebrating special moments together like winning the Champions League and Premier League.

It was evident how close these two were as when their friendship became long distance after Lovren’s departure from the club, Salah left him a heartfelt message.

He said; “I don’t know how to say, my friend. I don’t know my feeling right now, but we are going to miss you. Especially me.”

Three years later, Pepsi has done a stroke of marketing genius bringing them together again bringing up moments of nostalgia amongst Liverpool fans reminding them of the good times the pair shared on and off the pitch together. A fan reacted by saying: “I miss this type of friendship in my team.”

Despite Lovren not being around the Merseyside in a few years, the duo has continued to maintain their bond all this while.

Some fans even took to social media to express their hope that Lovren should return to Liverpool by giving him a ‘Jonny Evans’ contract, something that Manchester United has done bringing their former player back to the club after a decade for a short-term contract.

A fan commented: “Bring Lovren back just for the nostalgic vibes.”

Salah once said in an interview about Lovren: “You have been an unbelievable player and great friend to me. I miss you a lot. I love you so much, and you have been fantastic on and off the pitch.”

Though a video recently surfaced of an interaction between Lovren and Salah’s stunt double as some of the clips recorded in the advert were not of Salah himself, Liverpool supporters did not care much about it and seemed delighted that they got to witness the bromance these players once shared again though it only may be in the form of a commercial.