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Eberechi Eze Divides Opinion With £4130 Burberry Look at London Fashion Week

Eberechi Eze Divides Opinion With £4130 Burberry Look at London Fashion Week

Crystal Palace midfielder Eberechi Eze recently made a lot of heads turn when he was pictured making an appearance at London Fashion Week while wearing a bold new outfit.

As fashion is one of the topics that always remain subjective, Eze’s choice of attire brought up mixed reactions among fans.

The Crystal Palace star wore a maroon-coloured full sleeve turtleneck, featuring diagonal stripes across the front.

Complementing the top, he paired it up with bright red trousers highlighting similar stripes. The outfit was designed by Daniel Lee, the Chief Creative Officer at Burberry.

This fashion-forward outfit selection – which collectively costs about $5100 (£4130) – brought up a wide range of mixed responses from fans.

Some fans seemed to applaud his daring colour combination choices claiming it separates him from the cliché crowd.

Some internet users questioned if they could pull off the outfit as brilliantly as Eze did. The English midfielder reminded fans of the unique fashion sense of Lewis Hamilton, as they praised his drip and that he served as a breath of fresh air as he presented a ‘cold look’.

Some even hailed Eze as a fashion icon in the making, while there were comments about him making a statement look as he guns for a place in the England senior squad like his friend Bukayo Saka, who was present in the event as well.

While a few fans criticized his attire, hilariously commenting about his stylist playing a prank on him. His outfit seemed a mismatch to people as the bright colours made him appear to be difficult to look at. Some even said that he looked like he had been run over multiple times due to the blood-like colour his clothes represented.

The outfit he paired together would’ve worked a lot better in the 80s as social media users called him out for his outdated fashion sense.

The poor Eze was shown no mercy with comical comparisons being made like his looks which appeared similar to the professional wrestler Jeff Hardy or his showing up to the event as if he is coming straight from a golf session.

A ‘fashion disaster’ was a phrase frequently used as people demanded him to stick to football.

Regardless of all opinions, the 25 year old midfielder was flashing smiles at the event as he carried off his look exuding confidence in himself.

Though the event was attended by other professional footballers like Heung-min Son and Saka among the notable names, it was Eze who stole the show with his daring outfit choice.

But he was not the only one who caught the eye of football fans for his outfit as Saka, who is widely known for his bad dressing sense, came under the spotlight again after he showed up in an all-black outfit which again seemed too big for him.