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What Did Ben Chilwell Wear to London Fashion Week? Even Jack Grealish Was Surprised

What Did Ben Chilwell Wear to London Fashion Week? Even Jack Grealish Was Surprised

The prestigious British luxury fashion house Burberry marked the one-year milestone of Daniel Lee’s tenure as creative director with a glamorous fashion event, presenting their Autumn/Winter 2024 collection at London Fashion Week on February 19, 2024.

Renowned for its iconic trench coats and timeless designs, Burberry showcased its latest collection at London Fashion Week’s 40th-anniversary celebration.

The collection was a blend of contemporary and classic elements, paying homage to Burberry’s outdoor heritage. Led by Daniel Lee, the luxury house presented an array of outerwear and sporty silhouettes alongside elegant dresses, marking Lee’s third showcase for the brand.

The event, held in a dark marquee at London’s Victoria Park, was attended by a star-studded audience, including actress Olivia Coleman, Naomi Campbell, Elizabeth Jagger, Liberty Ross, and many others.

Interestingly, for football enthusiasts, the attendee list also featured several familiar names from the sport

Players from both Arsenal and Tottenham graced the event, with Arsenal duo Bukayo Saka and Martin Ødegaard in attendance, alongside Tottenham captain Son Heung-min. They were accompanied by former Spurs heroes Gareth Bale and Dele Alli, who were also accompanied by their partners.

Putting aside their club allegiances for the evening, footballers representing both sides of the Premier League’s North London rivalry came together to attend one of the most esteemed shows of London Fashion Week.

However, the odd one out from this set of footballers had to be the Chelsea left-back, Ben Chilwell.

Ben Chilwell’s presence among the footballers attending the fashion event isn’t surprising, considering the English footballer’s well-known penchant for fashion.

In a Chelsea interview, Chilwell remarked, ”It’s a good way to express your personality,”

A cursory look at Chilwell’s social media profiles reveals a 27-year-old who enjoys making a statement with his wardrobe choices. He has sported an array of colorful outfits and accessories over the years, which all reflect an outgoing character who dares to be different.

In a past interview with SMW, the defender shared his burgeoning passion for fashion: ”For me, it started probably three or four years ago when I started to look online at different fashion websites, not just to buy clothes but to read articles and see what fashion designers were thinking. “

‘‘I found it really interesting and then started to enjoy wearing “out there” outfits that show your personality. Standing out when you wear stuff is something that I enjoy.’’

Ben also shared insights into his aspirations beyond football, revealing his interest in venturing into the fashion industry post-retirement: “I’ve spoken to my agent a lot about going into fashion,” Ben mentioned.

“It’s something that I’ve always been interested in but especially over the last six or seven years. I’ve always enjoyed clothing and trainers, so it’s definitely something that I really want to do.”

“Football has always been the priority, but it’s something that I feel I can start to get into now so that when I do come to retire I’ve got another hobby to pursue. “

“I get asked what I want to do when I retire quite a lot, but I’m not too sure at the moment, enjoying playing while I can, and fashion is my thing away from football that I’m passionate about, so they’re the two main areas of interest that I’d like to explore when I finish.”

Ben Chilwell has also disclosed his discussions about fashion with his Chelsea teammates in the dressing room. Referring to his Chelsea fashion consultants, Ben mentioned, “At Chelsea, I speak with Mason, Tammy, Reece and Hakim as well because I know he likes his fashion. Timo would probably be the one I wouldn’t go to for fashion advice! Maybe it’s different cultures but he hates the stuff I wear and I’m not a fan of the stuff he wears.”

And by the looks of it, it seems that the defender wasn’t lying.

With Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, and Hakim Ziyech no longer at Chelsea, and Reece James sidelined due to injury, Ben likely felt a lack of his fashion confidants. His choice of Burberry attire served as evidence, sparking discussion on social media, albeit for no good reason.

What did Ben Chilwell wear to the event?

Upon his arrival at the event, the left-back did exude elegance. He wore a Burberry jacket with it being zippered down, subtly revealing a hint of a blue-patterned inner vest that perfectly complemented his relaxed black trousers. With his black shades on, it was just the cherry on top.

Inspired by the iconic Burberry jacket range, the Chelsea player opted for a beige jacket adorned with exaggerated epaulets, adding a distinctive flair to his ensemble. Tailored to a regular fit, the jacket boasted a zipper closure, with both side breast pockets featuring zippered detailing. The Chelsea man was all smiles as he posed for the camera with his jacket on.

However, some time into the event, the defender made the choice to take off his jacket, and that’s where things started to go downhill.

The defender was captured on camera, unveiling his inner vest, which was ridiculous to say the least. The Burberry knitted vest showcased the brand’s iconic check pattern in black and white against a vibrant ultramarine blue backdrop. What made the vest particularly intriguing was its sleeveless design.

Photo Credit: Dave Bennett/Getty Images

Images of the Englishman sporting his sleeveless vest at the esteemed fashion event swiftly became fodder for social media trolls, igniting widespread discussion and mockery online.

Social media lashed out at the defender

Photos of the Chelsea player quickly spread across social media platforms. People from various corners of the internet were puzzled by the unconventional choice of clothing, prompting them to unanimously ask a common question: ‘What the hell is Chilwell wearing?’

Having said that, social media users have demonstrated their creativity by crafting distinctive and amusing interpretations of his wardrobe choice.

On, one user humorously remarked on a video, suggesting that Chilwell must have borrowed his grandmother’s pullover for the event, alluding to the blue vest in jest. Similarly, another user chimed in, comparing the vest to something their mother might have worn back in the 70s.

Similarly, another user humorously likened his blue vest to a homemade costume straight out of the Power Rangers, rather than suitable attire for a prestigious fashion event. Additionally, another commenter quipped that his outfit resembled that of a person who had been rejected from the X-Men team.

And not only users online. His football friends also seem not to be particularly fond of this vest either. The Manchester City player and his England teammate, Jack Grealish, couldn’t help but get into the bandwagon and poke fun at his international teammate’s fashion choice.

Commenting on an image of Alli and Chilwell on Instagram, Grealish humorously remarked, “Tell Chilly to keep his jacket on next time.”

Ben Chilwell’s apparel doesn’t appear to be listed on the official Burberry site, and judging by social media comments, Burberry might be hesitant to feature it there anytime soon.

Amidst all this, Ben has become the unwitting scapegoat. By the looks of it, his aspirations of entering the fashion world after retirement didn’t have a promising start after all.