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Pepsi slammed for ruining new ad featuring Messi and Ronaldinho

Pepsi slammed for ruining new ad featuring Messi and Ronaldinho

The friendship of Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho is one of the most beloved comradeship that football has ever witnessed.

Ronaldinho spent three and a half years with Messi at Barcelona leaving an everlasting influence on his young mind and also assisting him on his debut goal. 

With the Argentine international’s move to PSG, the old friends met up a couple of times when the Brazilian legend made visits to his former club at Parc de Paris.

Feelings of nostalgia arise every time these two are pictured together. And now, fourteen years after their last match together, the legendary duo reunited, not on the pitch, but in a commercial for Pepsi.

Captioned as “the reunion we’ve all been waiting for,” the clip shows the former Barcelona teammates go toe-to-toe ’ as Ronaldinho takes a shot from the farther end that sinks the ball into a cup beside Messi. In response, Messi kicks the ball and manages to knock down three cups at once.

This 22-second technical duel named ‘Pepsi-Pong’ left many fans pining for the past, while others seemed underwhelmed by the video. 

Reactions poured in as the netizens were left questioning the video’s authenticity and slammed the editing job on display.

As some users pointed out, it seems like Messi did not even drink from the cup.

Many fans were left feeling nostalgic and disappointed with what commercials have come to since their childhood.