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Rodrygo assaults Takefusa Kubo, his potential rival at Real Madrid

Rodrygo assaults Takefusa Kubo, his potential rival at Real Madrid

If you think the refereeing in the Premier League is dodgy, a gander at the officiating in La Liga is sure to modify your opinion. 

Yesterday’s fixture between Real Madrid and Mallorca is an adequate example. The game was littered with fouls and challenges, ranging from soft tugs to stern tackles. 

A number of them went ignored by the official, including a dangerous tackle by Maffeo on Vini Jr. Another one of these was this ‘challenge’ by Rodrygo on Real Madrid loanee Takefusa Kubo.

As seen in this clip, Rodrygo repeatedly clings at the back of the Japanese International, before eventually elbowing on the back of his head. Such a blow is considered an offence even in MMA, yet here it went unawarded leading to many complaints online. 

Incidentally, both Rodrygo and Kubo play in a similar position and were in contention for a spot in the starting 11 last season. 

Fierce competition aside, let’s hope the two don’t end up exchanging blows on the training ground next season, although the incident is certainly going to be the subject of an awkward conversation between the pair. 

Nevertheless, the incident ended up adding more shame to a truly terrible officiating performance, and many online agreed.

Madrid, now 10 points clear at the top of the table, will look towards their next fixture, the famed El Clasico against a free-scoring Barcelona. In contrast to their previous meeting, the Blaugrana are set to offer a much tougher challenge at the Santiago Bernabeu.