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Like TV Static: Twitter reacts to leaked Juventus home kit for 22/23 season

Like TV Static: Twitter reacts to leaked Juventus home kit for 22/23 season

A club’s traditional colours have for long been the easiest manner for fans to draw associations. Clubs are even nicknamed after the shades they don, examples being The Blaugrana, Manchester Reds and Giallorossi. 

So when the kit makers begin drawing up the sides’ home kit, the use of customary colours is a must. 

The fact creates certain complications, as fans expect a final design that highlights the colours while offering a new spin. 

However, when manufacturers stray too far away from the realm of convention, fans often get ticked off. 

Such has been the case with Juventus and their sponsors Adidas for the past few seasons. Nicknamed the ‘Bianconeri’ for their signature colours, Juves’ recent home kits, while remaining black and white, haven’t exactly garnered unanimous praise from fans, and the latest iteration looks to follow suit.

A render of Juventus’ 2022/23 home kit recently leaked online, showcasing Adidas’ latest version for the strip. The black and white are certainly present, but the kit manages to venture into the bold anyway. 

As seen in previous iterations, the kit has a white base with black stripes running vertically. This time, the stripes have been created with an off-kilter triangular pattern enveloped in black. 

Sponsor logos are black as well, although Jeep’s logo, situated right in the middle, has flashes of lightning on it. Adidas’ signature three stripes can be seen on the upper sleeves, and a basic crew neck collar rounds up off the design. 

Suffice to say, all the experimentation did not fare well with fans. 

Once again they clamoured for a design that kept it simple while retaining the black and white as opposed to making it look like TV static.