Who trolled Man United harder: The official Specsavers or Shrewsbury Town?

Who could’ve imagined? 

After the addition of ‘Champions League’ Varane, the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo, and the sensational Jadon Sancho. After the 6-2 thumping of Bielsa’s Leeds on opening day, with fluent football at the front. 

Who could’ve imagined that Manchester United‘s participation in the Europa League, let alone the UCL, could be doubtful? 

Such is the cruel twist of fate, PL title ambitions have long been abandoned, and all that remains are perfunctory efforts at salvaging something out of a dismal season. 

Rest assured, you really cannot write a script like this. 

The horrid state of Manchester United was perhaps most apparent last night against Liverpool. As the Merseyside Reds blaze forward towards a potential quadruple, United laid down their arms and simply held on to the best of their abilities. 

The divide could not get any wider.

Mighty Manchester United have now become the runt of the litter, the butt of the joke, a source of constant amusement for rival fans online. And we bring you a couple of highlights from the trolling session that followed the 4-0 thumping. 

Shrewsbury set the standard – 

When a fan online dared to compare United’s display at Anfield to Shrewsbury Town’s in their FA Cup tie against Liverpool, the club responded fittingly. They quickly pointed out the elephant in the room, and Shrewsbury actually managed to score.

United on the other hand, for all their attacking talent, barely managed a shot on target. 

Specsavers take the p*ss – 

Specsavers, perhaps known more for their trolling on Twitter rather than their optical business, joined in the action. The retail chain’s Twitter account announced a free lens removal offer for all United fans before the game. So that they don’t have to watch it. 

This was met by a few hurt sentiments, and instead of responding right away, the admin waited for the perfect moment. And it came after United’s embarrassing first-half display, which ended without a shot on target, and gave Specsavers the perfect rebuttal.