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Mohamed Salah assures post-match comment was not a diss at Man United

Mohamed Salah assures post-match comment was not a diss at Man United

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Manchester United were run over by Liverpool at Anfield, last night.

An early goal from Luis Diaz set the stage for the rest of the game, as United’s half-hearted attempt at a high line was obliterated by Liverpool’s blistering attack. Unopposed and unchallenged, the Merseyside Reds made a game against the mighty United look like a training session. 

The 4-0 scoreline makes it 9-0 on aggregate between the 2 sides in the league this season. 

Needless to say, Liverpool have embarrassed United once again. 

There also appeared to be a lack of desire and effort on United’s part, coupled with their self-destructive tendencies at the back. So it came as no surprise when Mo Salah apparently offered an assessment along with a similar note during the post-match press conference.

The Egyptian said, “I think they make our life easier in the midfield and the back. They always try to give us the ball into situations, so they make our life easier.”

Many took these words to be a confident statement from the Egypt international, and perhaps as a reflection of just how comfortable Liverpool were. 

However, as this opinion began to spread, the man himself interrupted the discourse and offered clarification for his words. 

Through his Twitter, he said “I meant our midfield, and our defence, make it easy for us. I was not talking about the Manchester United players whom I respect.”

As he stated, Salah was simply praising Liverpool’s excellent backline and midfield. United’s blunt attack meant that the defence had little to do, whereas the midfield, led by Thiago at his majestic best, consistently fed the forwards. His partners, Jordan Henderson and Fabinho recycled possession effortlessly, capping off their midfield dominance.

There really was no reason for Mo Salah to clarify what he said, after all it was true. Nevertheless, the respect he showed for his opposition was appreciated by fans online.