Fulham fans bring Prosecco and smoked salmon to away day experience

Fulham’s visit to Sheffield United didn’t end on a cheerful note, as Paul Heckingbottom’s Sheffield United took them apart over two halves of intense football. But to cheer their team in their last match of the Championship, the Fulham fans made their journey worthwhile by adhering to the saying, “It’s the journey that matters and not the destination.”

On their way to Bramall Lane, the Fulham fans had their plates full of some exquisite meals on the public transport. Smoked salmon, cake, crackers, sandwiches with their crust carefully removed and the icing on the cake was the sparkling wine, Prosecco to gulp down with. 

The precision with which the Fulham fans had planned the arrangement of their meal was laudable.

They had coasters below their drinks to prevent condensation from messing their table. Cleanliness seemed to be a bigger trait of the Fulham fans who were on and about enjoying their meal.

After witnessing the variety of the food items on display, a Twitter user brought out the distinctive difference between the food items of north and south of England.

Chips and gravy seem to be the comfort food for the people in the North at Sheffield, but the club from London was appreciated for the diversity it brought to the table. This looked like another battle in the making between the fans of the two clubs. 

The Fulham fans’ food almost seemed like a three-course meal thoughtfully prepared for a matchday away from home. We wonder if there was more to come to the table to feed their appetite.

When Fulham were being crushed by Sheffield, a fan tweeted that given the performance of the team, it seems that they were the ones having the food and lost appetite to win the game after that sumptuous meal. 

Despite their agonizing defeat on the ultimate day of this season, Fulham fans can hoist their heads high as their team will be playing in the Premier League in the 2022/23 season.

Fulfilling days ahead for the Fulham fanatics who can savour the flavour of many such exotic meals on their way to the many away games in the top flight of English football.