Problem Solver For The Mob: Wayne Rooney impresses Twitter with slick look for court

Derby County manager Wayne Rooney certainly has had his hands full managing the Rams through a turbulent time.

He’s been busy off-the-pitch as well. From starring in his own documentary to popping out for the Premier League Hall of Fame event, Wazza has regularly been in the headlines as of late. 

He became a topic of news once again, as he attended his wife’s high court libel battle. 

Dubbed the ‘Wagatha Christie’ case, the multi-million-pound trial revolves around the infamous feud between Coleen Rooney, and Jamie Vardy’s wife, Rebekah Vardy. 

However, that was of little interest to Football Twitter, who were instead in awe of Rooney’s outfit for the day. 

The Manchester United legend dressed for the part, and sported a lightweight navy coloured raincoat, matching pants and black Oxfords to go along with it. The main attraction was the Fendi handbag he proudly carried along, serious style icon vibes here.

His clean-cut look led to many comparisons with Hollywood star Jason Statham, known for his action flicks. And we’re all for it. 

Rooney radiates consummate professional vibes, a capable contender for a ‘Transporter’ sequel perhaps.  

Evidence? Files? Makeup? the contents of the handbag will forever remain a mystery. Coupled with the look, a fan felt that Rooney resembled a ‘problem solver for the mob’. Considering that the handbag’s contents can range anywhere from items for a ‘cleanup’ to some ‘problem-solving tools’, we certainly see the resemblance. 

Nevertheless, what’s for certain is that the 36-year-old has come a long way in terms of his fashion choices. In comparison to this image, Wazza has seen a major upgrade.