Twitter reacts to legal battle between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy

No one likes their private information being leaked. Encroachment of one’s personal space is a worry for most people. For Coleen Rooney (Wayne Rooney’s wife), this worry came to be true. She noticed someone had been sharing posts from her private social media to the newspaper agency ” The Sun”.

Rooney quickly went into detective mode and began to share posts that only a few people could see. She began to share fake stories, which as she had predicted would promptly end up on the Sun’s front page.

After narrowing down which accounts had seen both earlier and more recent stories, she came to the conclusion who the leaker is… Rebekah Vardy, Leicester striker Jamie Vardy’s wife.

She revealed this to the world in a tweet which went viral as soon as she posted it. Vardy was quick to deny the allegations, saying that someone had accessed her account and shared the information with others.

The Leicester forward’s wife took it a step further when in June 2020, she sued Coleen Rooney on the charges of defamation. In the first round, Vardy won the case, with the presiding Judge ruling in her favour. Rooney was asked to pay her around £23,000 for legal costs.

Having won the initial case, Rebekah sued Rooney for libel. The case proceedings have recently begun and are the talk of the town. All over social media one can find excerpts from the proceedings.

Public reaction has been mixed with regard to the case. Most people seem to view it as entertainment and a spectacle, while some are indifferent, or find it to be embarrassing. Check out the Twitter reaction below –

Nothing but grade A entertainment

Spare a thought for the husbands

Solve it the Gary Lineker way

Football v Hollywood, anyone?

The cast for their inevitable Netflix show

Though, here’s what really should be happening

The case is moving along one day at a time, with many people looking forward to the outcome. Public opinion seems to be in favour of Coleen Rooney, but that does not mean the judge will rule in her favour. The “Wagatha Christie” case (as fans have labelled it) goes to show that drama exists both inside and outside the pitch in football.