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Celtic away kit for 22/23 season throws back to their Umbro days

Celtic away kit for 22/23 season throws back to their Umbro days

After having their streak broken last year by Rangers, Celtic once again won the Scottish Premiership. To say they have been dominant is an understatement. “The Bhoys” (as they are popularly known) have lost only three matches all season in the league, having amassed 90 points with a game remaining.

Next year won’t be easy with Rangers gaining form under Giovani Van Bronckhorst. However, despite the added competition, Celtic fans and players would be excited for the upcoming season with improvement in their game under Ange Postecoglou.

Another thing that possibly could excite fans for next season is the new jersey designs. If leaks are believed to be true, this is how Celtic’s away kit will look next season.

It is black with green stripes (which also appear along the shoulders) running vertically on its body. At the centre, one can see the main sponsor “Dafabet” embedded on the jersey. The club’s crest takes its position on the top right, opposite the Adidas symbol.

The new jersey made by Adidas looks to be a throwback to the 1993/94 season. Fans however will be hoping that in replicating that Umbro jersey, they do not replicate the performances of that particular season.

In the 1993/94 season, Celtic went trophyless, coming 4th in the league, and not reaching the finals of any domestic cup. Having qualified for the Champions League group stage, and their current domestic form, perhaps fans shouldn’t worry too much.

However, the reaction to the leaks so far has been mixed. Some fans look forward to the new jersey, particularly for its retro look.

Others aren’t pleased and hoped for newer designs. In response others, however, pointed out earlier original designs which were according to them were absolute ‘monstrosities.

Jerseys hold special value to fans. They are often associated with special moments (or not-so-special ones). Wearing them is often a source of pride. Therefore, fans always want new jerseys to be the best. We will only know how most fans think about the jersey once it hits the stores.