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Neil Warnock has Twitter? Old school manager joins social media in unexpected move

Neil Warnock has Twitter? Old school  manager joins social media in unexpected move

Neil Warnock is a coaching legend in England. Over a month ago, when he announced his retirement from football management after leaving Middlesbrough in November 2021, it was as if a void had opened up which might take ages to fill. 

The 73-year-old has coached a record of 1,603 matches at 16 clubs and holds the record for most promotions (eight) achieved in English league football. Sheffield United, Queens Park Rangers, and Cardiff City have all benefited and were promoted to the Premier League under the tutelage of Warnock.

But the Englishman seems to be making the most of his retirement and just couldn’t seem to stay away from the limelight. Recently, Warnock took the leap of faith and joined social media via Twitter. In a typical Warnock style of dry humour and wit, he posted an introductory video on Twitter, announcing his arrival. 

He was seen walking towards the camera, tilting his head right and left while keeping his eyes fixated. ‘Walking in to social media’ was what he posted with the clip which he recreated from one of his iconic moments when he walked aggressively towards the camera when his side Cardiff City was relegated from the Premier League after a match against Crystal Palace.    

More so, Warnock had an explanation of why he charged toward that camera. ‘The cameraman put his camera right in my face so I thought, “I’m not having that!” So of course I went towards him. They accused me of being Liam Gallagher or somebody! But I’d never even seen it before. It was just Neil Warnock trying to show the cameraman what to do!’

Warnock who has gathered almost 98,000 followers in over 24 hours is in no mood of stopping now and the fans who already adore Warnock for his offbeat ways seem excited for his upcoming tweets as some also warn new Twitter owner Elon Musk for what is about to come since Warnock is now fully here. 

Here are only a few memorable ones that cannot keep calm after watching Warnock on Twitter.