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The Lacazette Multiverse Arsenal Fans Couldn’t Ignore During Emirates Lap Of Honour

The Lacazette Multiverse Arsenal Fans Couldn’t Ignore During Emirates Lap Of Honour

The final day of the Premier League had plenty on display in regards to spectacle. Examples include a late and dramatic title winner at the Etihad, Leeds’ goal at the death which secured safety from relegation and Manchester United ending their dismal campaign by crumbling against Crystal Palace.

Aside from these, there were also images captured on the final day which can only be described as bizarre. 

A doppelganger feat seemingly took over, as fans noticed the uncanny resemblance Phil Foden’s son shares with Vincent Kompany. Additionally, two lads bearing a strong likeness to Erling Haaland and Son Heung-Min took to the pitch at the Etihad, an image which left fans scratching their heads.

The oddities continued at the Emirates, where an astonishing number of Alexandre Lacazette lookalikes were spotted. 

It occurred after the full-time whistle as Arsenal finished the season in a promising fashion by putting 5 past Everton

During the traditional Lap of Honour, players along with their family members took to the pitch to interact with the fans. 

Amidst the scenes, fans spotted numerous individuals wearing Lacazette jerseys, while sporting a look extremely similar to the Frenchman.

Clean-shaven heads paired with full-grown beards, a really distinctive look and yet at least 4 people opted for it. 

The real Lacazette can be seen in the background, while his doppelgangers stand in the foreground, providing plenty of bewilderment for fans. 

While not impossible, it would certainly be difficult to point out the real one if they all lined up together.

Reports have suggested that the striker may be on his way out this summer, fortunately for Arsenal, they evidently have a slew of replacements ready, albeit not in terms of footballing ability.