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Here’s The Context Behind Roma Fans Chanting ‘The Son Of Zaccagni Is Of Zaniolo’

Here’s The Context Behind Roma Fans Chanting ‘The Son Of Zaccagni Is Of Zaniolo’

After winning the first-ever UEFA Europa Conference League against Feyenoord, AS Roma arrived in Rome to a grand reception. The city was painted in Red and Gold as Romanistas took to the streets in droves to celebrate their side’s win. 

Shortly after arrival, the team embarked on a parade and hopped aboard a double-decker. Surrounded by their fans, the bus travelled through the city, even arriving at the Coliseum on their journey. 

Naturally, the celebrations were passionate with plenty of dancing and emphatic chanting. 

Roma fans pulled out all the classics from the catalogue and debuted a rather interesting number which centres around matchwinner Nicolo Zaniolo. 

The chant (in Italian) can be heard in this clip. It goes ‘Il figlio de Zaccagni e de Zaniolo’, which when translated in English goes ‘the son of Zaccagni is of Zaniolo’. The 22-year-old was pretty pleased with the chant, but for those confused, we’re here to provide context. 

The other player name-dropped in the chant is Mattia Zaccagni, who plays for arch-rivals Lazio. But it isn’t the Derby Della Capitale connection that sprouted the chant, instead, it has to do with Zaniolo’s ex-girlfriend Chiara Nasti. 

Nasti, a social media influencer, was in a relationship with the Roma midfielder until a few months ago news of their split became public and she announced her relationship with Zaccagni. 

Soon after, she announced her pregnancy, despite it being only a few months since her liaison with the Lazio player commenced. 

Romanistas did their research, followed the timeline, and devised this chant which suggests that Nasti is pregnant with Zaniolo’s child. Needless to say, the next Capitale Derby is sure to be awkward.