Who controls the world? Matt Le Tissier is on the case

Life with no football action has been dull for the fans who have their eyes set on any news or plethora of headlines that might just give them the dopamine rush to see them through this drought of football.

The headlines keep popping up about the transfer of current players, but what about the ones who had left the game a while ago? How will they stay in contention to be talked about or even acknowledged?

Ex-Southampton midfielder, Matt Le Tissier, has found a unique way.

In a talk with Rob Moore, whose long list of achievements includes 18 bestsellers, and a proud host of a prolific podcast titled “The Disruptive Entrepreneur,” Tissier spoke blatantly and unabashedly about social media censorship, COVID lockdown, the truth about freedom of speech and especially about the people who he thinks control our world. 

You must think about what makes an ex-football player credible for speaking on such diverse and serious topics? The answer is ‘Nothing.’

The 53-year-old Tissier once had a prolonged career with Southampton from 1986 to 2002, becoming the first midfielder in the Premier League to rack up 100 goals but since his retirement from professional football, the Englishman seems to have lost the plot for his life. 

Post-retirement, Tissier took up the reins of Punditry with Sky Sports show Soccer Saturday, but his blunt and off-beat persona made his post-retirement life even more difficult. Apart from football, Tissier constantly spoke and delivered bizarre views on the current world affairs that made him an instant target for the netizens and his fans. 

Unfortunately, most of these were quick to take his case and deemed him as an English nut who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Tissier came across as a dilettante, with an amateurish interest in things happening around the world, with no specific knowledge about that subject. 

Lately, Tissier was fired for refusing to wear a Black Lives Matter badge from Sky Sports, and his brazen attack on the UK government for imposing strict COVID restrictions didn’t sit well with many, especially when he questioned the ridiculousness of lockdowns in the country.

During the one-hour-long interview with Moore, Tissier quickly agreed with the host when he mentioned a few names he believed were behind the world order. Tissier didn’t hold himself here. He mentioned everyone should inspect the people who turn up at the World Economic Forum at Davos and understand that these are the guys doing the world the biggest damage. 

The English man was also quick to take a dig at the current players who he thinks were not enjoying the game because of the insane stress on them these days. 

Tissier’s comments, no matter how clunk, gave the Twitterati to make fun of him yet again. And this time, it was these netizens who did not hold back in making Tissier feel worse about his half-hearted statements.