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Speedsters: Darwin Nunez Sets PL Record While Frenkie De Jong Outpaces Turbo Dembele

Speedsters: Darwin Nunez Sets PL Record While Frenkie De Jong Outpaces Turbo Dembele

In modern football, pace is an attribute which is always in demand. 

Due to the breakneck speeds at which the game is played, pace and sharpness become necessary, many players have even gotten away with a lack of technique or talent simply due to their excellent acceleration. 

Stars with the ability to outpace their markers often become fan favourites. And one such player, who continues to earn affinity within the fanbase, recently provided a blistering display of his abilities and set a Premier League record for the opening match week.

The player in question is the recently recruited, Darwin Nunez

The Liverpool striker made his PL debut as a sub during the 2-2 draw against Fulham, and made an instant impact by scoring in the 64th minute. His movement and positioning once again impressed, as it did during the Community Shield, and Liverpool fans seem largely convinced that their new striker will take to the Prem seamlessly. 

Another bit of info that came as a pleasant surprise was the top speed Nunez registered. At 36.53 km/h, the Uruguayan became the fastest player during the match week, outshining other speedsters like Mo Salah, Erling Haaland, Kyle Walker etc. 

Nunez wasn’t the only pacey surprise fans were treated to this week, as an unlikely player recently grabbed headlines for his impressive speed. 

A midfielder isn’t the profile one would normally associate breakneck velocity with, but of course, there are exceptions, and this one looks particularly rapid. It all came to light during Barcelona‘s fixture against Pumas. 

Before kickoff, fans in attendance witnessed a shocking display of pace by none other than Frenkie De Jong

As seen in this clip, the Dutchman lines up alongside his teammates for a sprint to the halfway line. De Jong is known for his abilities on the ball, rather than raw speed, so it came as a surprise when the midfielder outpaced his teammates, including Ousmane Dembele who is famously fast.

Naturally, fans were taken aback by the revelation.

With the addition of pace, De Jong’s profile becomes even more impressive, and the various clubs currently in pursuit of his signature will certainly take interest in the clip.