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Jules Kounde Rocks All-Denim Kenzo Jumpsuit Before Barcelona Debut – Here’s What It Costs

Jules Kounde Rocks All-Denim Kenzo Jumpsuit Before Barcelona Debut – Here’s What It Costs

Joules Kounde, Barcelona’s latest signing, was finally registered just days before their match against Real Valladolid.

For the amount of struggle Barcelona faced in order to register these players, it is only fair the players wear interesting outfits and flashy clothes to let everyone know they are finally here, ready to play for the club. 

Having been “technically bankrupt” back in October, the club has made significant progress since then.

Kounde is the latest player to be registered with La Liga, with the club’s summer spending coming up to 170M Euros between the 5 big name signings that they have completed.

The club had to activate four economic levers and sell quite a few assets to get to this position, but their new signings are showing that it might have been worth the risk, as they have made a near flawless start to the season.

Kounde performed exceptionally in his debut against Real Valladolid, helping the team win the game 4-0, and new signing Robert Lewandowski has scored 4 goals in the 3 games he has played for the club so far. 

However, he made an interesting fashion statement on his debut day which caught the attention of many of his fans. Kounde was spotted wearing an all denim Kenzo jumpsuit with a pair of white Air Force 1s while entering the stadium. 

This jumper, described as a Regular-Fit Denim Overall, can be found on the Selfridges website and costs £540. Kenzo, also known as KENZO PARIS, is a very popular luxury French brand, which could explain why Kounde, a French national himself, would choose to go with it.

Fans were divided over this look. Some compared his look to that of a carpenter, and that comparison is not very far off. Others were impressed by the showing, saying that he looks ready to make his debut.

The fact that he wore the brand Kenzo certainly deemed him stylish, making fans hyped for his debut. Kounde wasn’t the only one with an interesting outfit, as players like Aubameyang and Depay also raised the style quotient.

Kounde’s case was special because Barcelona did not have enough funds to satisfy the league’s demands for registration.

The €55M player was unable to play in their first three games and even had a clause in his contract saying he could leave if the club failed to register him.

However, the club got permission from La Liga to register him, and his debut showed that the effort may just be worth it.

The club may be cash-strapped at the moment, but Jules Kounde in his Kenzo Overall sure isn’t. We only hope that no one shows up in the new Balenciaga “extra destroyed” shoes to the training anytime soon.