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Jules Kounde Catches Flak For Rocking $1m Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Before Girona Loss

Jules Kounde Catches Flak For Rocking $1m Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Before Girona Loss

FC Barcelona have decided to bypass the unwritten rule in football about what the players should be wearing when travelling for matches, be it at home or away. Normally, there is a tradition for footballers to wear official club merchandise, or even get suited up when they are travelling together for matches in their own stadium or away from home.

Every single major club around Europe have their own official club merchandise, including the likes of t-shirts, jackets or tracksuits that are designed for players to wear on their route to official games. But Barcelona have dispelled this tradition and given their players the freedom to wear just about anything they want when arriving at the stadium for matches.

That’s not all, players are even allowed to carry their own bags or assets to the matches if they see fit. France defender Jules Kounde has definitely taken advantage of this freedom and often turned up to games wearing some slick, really expensive attires to the stadiums.

Kounde seems to be a bit of a show-off who doesn’t shy away from wearing extremely valuable attires to football matches. Recently before Barcelona’s key La Liga clash against Girona, he would turn up in a slick all-black attire. The Frenchman wore a black hoodie and pants combination and accompanied it with a half-jacket as well.

But what the French defender carried to the stadium with him seemed to attract more attention on Football Twitter. Kounde was seen carrying a bag with a rather unique design. The blue bag had different shapes printed all over it and it looked like Kounde was probably carrying his valuables in it.

However, fans soon turned into detectives to discover the exact brand and price of this bag. It turns out that this weird-looking bag is actually a Louis Vuitton bag, which is priced at a whopping $1 million! This is actually Louis Vuitton’s ‘Millionnaire Speedy’ bag, which is actually handmade from crocodile leather.

Is it the most expensive bag that you can get around the world? Not really. The Debbie Wingham Upcycled Easter Egg purse, for one, is priced at over $6m. With that being said, the Millionaire Speedy is still an extremely valuable and expensive bag that is designed for only the rich class of celebrities from around the world.

Kounde is one of the highest-paid defenders in Spain and has a rumoured yearly wage of over £8 million, so he can definitely afford this bag if he has a fascination for expensive assets. But his decision to bring this kind of super-expensive thing to a football stadium ahead of a huge La Liga match has come back to haunt him.

That is because the Barcelona defender was embarrassed by the Girona forwards in the clash, with the visitors going home with a famous 4-2 win. Fans have little remorse for the Frenchman and have piled the criticism onto him for unnecessarily showing up before such a big game.

The Frenchman is being mocked for bringing that bag to collect the four goals that his side conceded against the La Liga leaders and how he got tricked by defender Miguel Gutierrez too.

Some fans are slamming him for trying to behave more like a model rather than a footballer before matches and dubbing his antics as ‘embarrassing’.

Kounde seems to have this fondness for showing off and trying out new styles after being allowed to do so by Barcelona. But after receiving a reality check from Girona, perhaps the French defender should focus on improving his defensive prowess rather than spending time shopping for expensive valuables.